Street Style; inspired by Oslo fashion week

Street Style; inspired by Oslo fashion week

The many styles from the Oslo Fashion Week basically stumped us. You can rock these styles on the streets during the spring/summer 2017.

Style 1

Looking for a super relaxed look this spring/winter this we think is ideal for you to bring out the laid-back girl in you.

Style 2

Super chic and super classy. Love the frilly top. We think it really is a blast from the past. Only better!

Style 3

Embrace a bit of laid-back European. There is nothing more than an unruly outfit that screams European.

Style 4

Super cute. Not to mention such life and colour. This really adds colour to a boring autumn day we think.

Style 5

This is how to basically get comfortable in your winter clothes and still look super chic 101. We can’t get enough of the baggy pants!

Style 6

We died and we died again. Such simplicity presented in such intricate detail.

Style 7

Thinking of a way to add some colour to your dull single and plain winter outfit?? This is how to kill it.

Style 8

Sock boots and mesmeric colour blend. Spring/winter ’17 is the season of colour we think!

Style 9

Want to still embrace the workaholic in you and throw in a bit of colour for the spring/winter ’17.

Style 10

This is a season to go crazy all you want with colour. We like how OFW still kep it subtle with the accessories.

Style 11

Chic editorial style for work. This where you should stop looking for style ideas.

Style 12

Missing the colourful nails and tan feet from the glorious summer days well we still can! Go with the colours embrace them!

Style 13

We love the laid-back simplicity this carries. And we can still enjoy the season’s liberty in this!