Chokers That Guarantee to Upgrade your Party Look

Chokers That Guarantee to Upgrade your Party Look

This is a code we live by: there is nary a look that cannot be improved by some killer chokers. The upcoming resort collections were luckily full of neck-hugging necklaces. Take for an example, Dior, where Maria Graziani Chiari practically refreshed the khaki fatigues with lashing of beaded festival bracelets and delicate grosgrain ribbon around the throats. And Chanel is where Greek goddesses were found waiting for a trove of antiquity inspired treasures to drape around their sleek necks.

Valentino also kept up with the trend. Pier Paolo Piccioli mined some old-school hip-hop culture for an electrifying sartorial stimulus. They satisfied our choker cravings with finely crafted collars that would have looked great on those pre-Columbian pedigrees.

If your Christmas party mantra states one should never leave the house without ornamenting knuckles, ears and necks, you’re in even more luck: the high street is awash with rhinestone-choked necklaces that will instantly upgrade an understated black dress. Go forth and sparkle.

Here are some chokers you should definitely get your hands on for the festive season. Because they never run out of style!

Marks & Spencer

Choker, £15 at Marks & Spencer.


This is not just for one line of glittery choker fantasy cravings it is four. You can spice up any dress of any color with this one. Looks great on the wallet too! Bravo M&S!

Jill Sander

Buckle choker, £192 at


A bit of punk never harmed anyone. Here is a great choker if you are looking to bring a sexy modern chic look into your finish, this is your best bet.

Alexander McQueen

Gold and silver-tone stone choker, £645 at


A bit hefty on the wallet though. This is just ideal if you are looking to keep to the simple and elegant one jewelry finish. There is nothing more we would like than this to accessorize our festive dresses with!