How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

Let’s master the art of applying lipstick perfectly!

Imagine yourself with a perfect look ruined by tacky lips! Well, we have seen such women even on their weddings. Even if they have used the right shade, they end up with an amateur lipstick applying style, thus ruining their whole look.

So, if you are one of those women, let’s master the applying trick of lipstick so that your lips do not ruin your perfect look.


Applying Lipstick Perfectly:

So before getting into the tutorial, here, check out the things that you need to achieve those perfect lips:

Things Needed:

  1. Lip Balm/ Lip Moisturizers
  2. Concealer
  3. Compact Powder
  4. Lip Liner
  5. Lipstick
  6. Brushes

Step #1: Prepare Your Lips:

How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

The first thing for the perfect lips is to prepare them before applying any lipstick. For this, apply the lip moisturizer or lip balm over the lips to condition them.

Step #2: Apply a Base:

How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

It is really important to even out the color on the lips by applying a concealer or a base. This will also help the lip color to stay on your lips for the longer period of time. After applying base, seal the lips with the compact powder

Step #3: Line the Lips:

How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

Line your lips with the color that matches the lipstick that you are going to apply. This will enhance the shape of your lips and creates a boundary, making it easy for you fill the lipstick then.

Step #4: Apply the Lipstick:

How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

After these steps, now you can apply the lipstick, starting from the center of the lips towards the edges. For the brighter look, repeat the process several times to intensify the look.

Step #5: Finish the Look:

How to Apply Lipstick like A Pro?

So, the final step is to define the look. It is a really important step that will enhance or destroy your look, at the same time. For this, use a fine concealer and work on the edges of the lips and blend it gently.

Finish the look by adding a glossy touch to your lips or else keep it simple for the day!