10 Trendy Long Hair to Pixie Transformations for Girls

Drastically changing your hair can be fun, but it is also very nerve-wracking. A transition to a short cut can be a refreshing change if you’re bored with your longer style, but you shouldn’t blindly face the scissors without doing your research first.

Check out for how to successfully pull off a transformation from long hair to Pixie and achieve the most flattering results.

Long Red Layers to Piece-y Pixie

Long Red Layers to Piece-y Pixie


This bold red pixie style is a trendy alternative to overwhelming long layers. Its piece-y, forward-swept layers are flattering and add a lighthearted finish to this style.

Although the color of this cut virtually stays the same throughout its transformation, the finished pixie style is a deeper, richer cherry red that looks smoother and more even. Also, its forward-swept layers hide unflattering root growth to keep your color looking fresh longer.