10 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hairs

With warmer weather enticing us to socialize more with friends and family, it’s time to update your hair cut and color! Colorists are taking creativity to the limit this season with artistic color blends of ash-blonde and ash-brown.  And if your skin has a warm undertone you can choose from the gorgeously soft, elegant and flattering beige colors. Scarlet red is a strong trend for brunettes right now. And for the really adventurous – check out the amazing, iridescent colors in my final choice of fine, fresh and fabulous short hairstyles for you today!

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Fabulous flaming red short hairstyles for thick hair

Fabulous flaming red short hairstyles for thick hair


Long straight hair can be difficult to manage if it’s thick and slow to dry in the mornings.  And you’re missing out on a great way to show your style credentials if it’s also fairly shapeless.  Look at the lovely, angled-bob makeover style above and you can see a huge change in how the model presents herself to the world.  Long, windswept, scarlet hair suggests ‘hippy’, but this model has gained a chic, well-groomed and well-organized image by losing the length, but keeping the rich color!