Paris Fashion Week; five street style trends we loved!

paris fashion week

We all know that Paris Fashion Week is never short of style inspiration –especially the style inspiration in the streets. Here is a run-down of what our star fashion editors and lovers are wearing right now!

The Polished Playfulness

paris fashion week

The stylist we love Julia Sarr-Jamois really knows how to play and tease with the colors and it was cleverly done. We love how she played with the sky-blue blazer, marshmallow pink Louis Vuitton handbag and the oh-so-lovely chunky chain hint that spelled out her heavyweight style credentials.

Pin-up: Lady Di

paris fashion week

If you didn’t get the reference loud and clear at Off-White here is the clue, Princess Diana is still your ultimate style pin-up for spring/summer 2018! And that became the volumised blouses, skirt suiting and some killer one-shoulder LBDs.

Game-changer at the Paris Fashion Week Calvin Klein’s Clear Plastic Coat

paris fashion week

Calvin Klein’s latest addition to its team of merry men, Raf Simons’ start off strong with the fans of the fashion industry coveting his plastic wrapped coats. These idiosyncratic pieces made The Outwear of the season! And we love seeing these on the roads!

Detail: Graffiti

paris fashion week

Statement style is being redefined. And how? The hand scrawled slogans are cropping up on the back of the stars of the street style. They are wearing their hearts on their sleeves. And we mean literally. The overcoats with dainty signs and slogans really took the Paris Fashion Week street style to a whole other level

Handbag: The Uptown Fanny-Pack.

paris fashion week

The style set have moved on from last season’s corsets-as-outerwear which we were in so much love with, but the desire for a cinched waist is here to stay. We are getting the hang of it. The ‘It’ girl’s new wardrobe staple – a sizeable fanny pack – is now a firm front row favorite, as it is ours.

Donna Kay

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